I bought purple because we have a lot of women playing basketball in our group. Thought the ladies would like purple, but turns out the color is too dark and blends with dark blue, black, and other dark colors that people tend to wear for working out. We have other pennies in all sorts of other colors and the reds, oranges, yellows, and lime greens are way more popular for visibility purposes. If you want purple, these are very nice.
High quality material. They came individually packaged and you can order the exact number you want. I was pleased to have them delivered in a very short period of time, so we could use them for a soccer scrimmage later that same week. I highly recommend the product and this seller and will likely buy again once these wear out, tigres shirt or if I need another color. I suggest any youth or adult soccer coach do the same and these would even work great for football (flag or tackle) when you need to practice or scrimmage.
Love these training pennies and can’t beat them for the money. They do run small, but I coach middle school girls so they are perfect. I can squeeze into one as a 6’3″ man, so they will work for adults. Have had them for a few seasons now. Holding up nicely. I air dry each time I wash by hand.
Have had it for few years now; still using them every Sunday for our over 40’s pick up soccer game. We use it indoor and outdoor, and wash them every weekend. Every single one of therm still holding up really well, Not a sign of damage. Highly recommend this product and this seller has best price. Like them so much had some shipped outside the country